Industrial architecture requires coordination and thoroughness. Learn about the methodology JSS Efficient Engineering applies in this area

At JSS Efficient Engineering we take care of the design and management of industrial architecture projects. This type of work is known for being large in size and scale. For this reason, they require a high level of coordination between teams, cost control and professional thoroughness. At JSS we apply our own methodology to guarantee the quality of any construction, remodelling or expansion work in this area.

In all the projects we work on in industrial architecture, we apply the most innovative technologies, such as for example: BIM modelling. In addition, we always devote special attention to environmental issues, integrating the criteria of rationalising energy efficiency and being respectful with the environment. In this regard, it is important to stress that we apply new materials and installations that bring savings in order to ensure more sustainable buildings.

In addition to the technical considerations, we also bear in mind the aesthetic appearance of industrial architecture projects, since they represent the image of the company that carries out its activity within. For this reason, we advise our clients on the choice of the best location for their business, and develop the project in continuous dialogue with them, in order to achieve the building that best represents the activity and the values of their company.

In the field of industrial architecture, we develop urban development and civil engineering projects. These interventions also require a detailed and specific planning and development aimed at obtaining the certificate of quality, thereby responding to the overall urban development-architectural project.

At JSS Efficient Engineering we focus on integrating all the processes in the area of services, in order to optimise costs, provide overall solutions and ensure that the work project achieves the intended results without deviating from the agreed budget.

In this way we carry out our urban development projects, taking into account: basic studies and planning; the drafting of projects; the development of master plans; the detailed engineering; flood studies; site management and quality control; the coordination of  health & safety, among many other factors.

You can learn about all our projects in the field of industrial architecture (Urban development projects) by following this link.