We advise our clients on processing environmental licence activity projects

The Environmental Licence is the application process based on a technical project that makes it possible to obtain authorisation from the Authorities to initiate and implement any activity. At JSS Efficient Engineering we take care of handling the paperwork needed for the corresponding municipal licence, which will allow a particular company to start up, exercise and operate its activity in a particular premises or complex. All these projects bear the signature of our technicians, technical architects or industrial technical engineers.

An example of applying this project is the series of licences for the company MB92: These are industrial activities (RESCIEI) with the added complexity of not being a single dossier but rather the more efficient management of earlier ones; in this case, the management of the previous UNB dossier, the use of the Vulcano building, and the existing shiplift and the one that is currently being processed. The involvement of different sectors via OGAU, in addition to the town hall, provides an added complexity that without doubt affects the time periods involved.

At JSS we have extensive experience in developing projects both for processing integrated environmental authorisation and for processing numerous regional concepts (Environmental Licences, Unified Environmental Authorisation, Qualified Activities, etc.). We provide our clients with guidance at every moment throughout this process, indicating the procedures to be followed, as well as the preparation of the relevant document, with the latter thus having to justify that the establishment, the facilities envisaged, the design of the premises, and the carrying out of the activity are in line with the corresponding rules and regulations.

In short, we ensure that the environmental licence activity project covers all the regulations that apply to it, depending on each case. The process of applying for it should however be carried out prior to the Building Project, in case the premises need to be prepared for installing the activity, in order to avoid inconsistencies between the project and its execution. On the other hand, if the premises comply with all the conditions for carrying out the activity, or the activity does not require any type of work to be initiated, the documentation should be submitted one month before the start of the activity.

JSS Efficient Engineering is an installation engineering company with an extensive professional history. For this reason, we provide you with step by step advice to ensure that you apply for your environmental licence projects successfully.

You can find detailed information on our actions in this area by following this link.