At JSS Efficient Engineering we share know-how with ongoing training as part of ISO 9001 quality management, with technical visits to our recent projects such as the corporate headquarters of Cuatrecasas

At JSS Efficient Engineering, in addition to being trainers for the Schools of Professional Associations of Architects, Technical Architects, Building Engineers and speakers at different levels in the areas of installations, maintenance, renovation and energy efficiency, as well as energy management, we also share the know-how among all the technicians who make up our team, based on experiences gained in the projects where we are specialists, and where we can explore innovative solutions together, analyse faults and come up with solutions to be incorporated into the protocol. Normally we always make all the technicians collaborators in all the projects, even in those in which they have not participated actively.

In this case, of special interest is our visit to the facilities of the corporate building of Cuatrecasas, a leading law firm with a presence in more than 10 countries, owned by the company Diagonal 191. This was, without a doubt, one of our most important projects in 2016. It is an office building, i.e. destined for administrative use, with a total area of 28,000 sq. metres, which has transferred to the technological district 22 @ in Barcelona.

In this important work, we were able to count on the collaboration of the Barcelona company GCA Arquitectes. The challenge we had to face was the impact that the height of the building had on all the facilities.

As a result of our expertise in these types of buildings, JSS Efficient Engineering was able to act flexibly in managing the changes. During this important project, we focused on coordinating multidisciplinary teams to provide solutions for the building both as a property asset and as a living space in which changes occur continually. Thus, an engineering team was called upon to resolve the building as a whole and for its subsequent implementation. In recognition of the excellent professional work, this installation has been awarded energy certification A and the renowned Leed Gold certification, for maintaining criteria of energy sustainability and employing the latest technologies. All in all, the Cuatrecasas headquarters has become a benchmark building in the sector.

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