Our own methodology: We contribute our own methodology, the result of our work experience, which is able to get the most out of every idea or project. This methodology is developed in four phases:

  • Conception: Designing the project. Our experience, tenacity and perseverance are present in each of our projects. Responding to and meeting the needs of our clients is what guides us.
  • Implementation: Developing and carrying out the project. Our 25 years of professional experience are the key to success in developing and carrying out our different engineering, facility and building projects in all their aspects: industrial, civil works, public and private service buildings.
  • Change: Constant innovation. For us, every phase of the project is important. All of them are analysed and monitored in detail in order to implement our projects with the fullest of guarantees, incorporating innovation as an attitude at all times.
  • Conduct: Operation, maintenance and management of use. Innovative techniques and a highly qualified team are the perfect combination in order to ensure a long and useful life for our work and facilities, limiting incidents and managing these properly.


Shoulder to shoulder. For us the client plays the leading role in the project and in the result, but also in the process of making it a reality. For this reason we are not satisfied with merely maintaining a permanent relationship with them, but rather work side by side to ensure the most optimal result.

We reconcile work and family life. We believe that the well-being and quality of life of our employees are key factors in obtaining greater productivity. To achieve this we are committed to flexibility in working hours, social benefits, emotional salary and other measures aimed at reconciling the work, family and personal life of our staff.


Innovation and constant improvement. If we have grown over the years, it is because we have considered every project on which we have worked as an opportunity for improvement and innovation. In this sense, participation in educational tasks (the polytechnic schools of architecture’s installation departments, the SERT School of the Association of Architects of Catalonia) also requires us to keep permanently up to date.

Quality. We have the ISO 9001 quality certification dating from 2011 as a collaborator of Aenor and re-certified in 2014 with Tüv Nord. In addition we have the international SGE 900 certification, granted by Applus, that certifies our expert company management. These certifications, and others such as those for Protection and safety and Energy Auditors, are the business response to the European approach of continuously accrediting capacities such as continuous improvement.


Executive partners. We are aware that in order to convert a project or an idea into reality – whether home-grown or, even more so, if conceived elsewhere -requires the ability to act as executive partners and to do so effectively when dealing with the public and private players who have to intervene. We provide this capability and experience that allows us to carry out the projects in the time and under the economic terms provided.


Specialists in energy efficiency. For us, the energy efficiency of a building, company or facility is a contribution to the sustainability of our environment, and at the same time a cost saving factor of the first order for our client.


Architecture/Engineering: a dynamic combination that needs to be specified in each project. We believe that there are projects that require integrating engineering into an architectural proposal, and projects where the facilities need an architectural vision or dimension; but also industrial or service facilities that do not require any added architectural value, with the resulting cost savings.