Energy efficiency: 22@ Barcelona: a new project on which to apply renewable energy and efficiency criteria

Energy efficiency: 22@ Barcelona: a new project on which to apply renewable energy and efficiency criteria
La Llave de Oro rented offices building at 22@ de BCN with Batlle & Roig Arquitectes, G3 as PM and Carla Planas as Leed assessor.

At JSS Efficient Engineering we make efficient and respectful energy management our mission. This is why we offer solutions designed to achieve all-round energy efficiency in buildings. We focus on providing a service that allows you to depend less on the ups and downs of energy costs and take advantage of the energy in an effective way in order to improve the building’s energy rating.

In all our projects, we apply the basic mainstays of energy efficiency at all times: efficient energy generation; using that energy efficiently and reducing energy losses. However, when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of a building, the following factors are essential:

The location of the building is often the best ally when it comes to work. Implementing the LEED GOLD, applying Districlima systems and photovoltaic panels, efficient air renewal systems and LED lighting with efficient regulatory systems. Controlling water consumption and using efficient energy-measuring systems.

Renewing the systems related to energy. I.e. those systems related to heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, appliances, etc. The use of efficient heating systems, such as condensing boilers or heat pumps, which in addition to being more efficient, emit fewer direct CO2 emissions into the atmosphere; improving insulation and eliminating leaks; for example, changing the windows leads to an improvement in energy efficiency, since it helps to preserve the cold/heat that is generated in the home and insulate it from the outside, among other measures.

Throughout this process, we are also committed to integrating renewable energies such as for example: thermal solar energy, geothermal energy, Airotherm, Distriheat Networks etc. Without a doubt, renewable energies make it possible to save energy and reduce direct CO2 emissions. Other aspects to be taken into account are the improvement in insulation and elimination of thermal bridges. This would include changing windows, since this leads to an improvement in energy efficiency that will help insulate the building as well as making an important contribution to taking advantage of the natural light and orientation.

In short, integrating renewable energies, new ventilation and air conditioning systems, replacing with alternative LED-type lighting, etc. All these measures help to improve the energy efficiency of a building or home. In fact, the more improvements made with sustainability as their main objective, the more results will be obtained in terms of reducing the environmental footprint of the building and reducing energy consumption.

At JSS we are firmly committed to implementing renewable energies. Furthermore, we work together with advisors and our clients in order to obtain the Sustainability Assessment Certification: LEED and BREEAM. Further information can be found here.