Great activity in promotions of housing, banks and real state agents

JSS is participating in the design of installations, in all its housing areas for:


Solvia: Montecarmelo Madrid Noemí Musquera, Can Cortada Sant Cugat Rodón architects, Mataró Pascual & Ausio architects and Comarruga Fitarq architects.

Building center: Eix Herrera Mataró Pascual & Ausio arq, Can Bellet Rodón architects andi Tarragona Segui architects.

Neinor: Vullpalleres Sant Cugat, Batlle& Roig architects. BIM environment and BREEAM certification

Inmoglaciar: Can Trabal Sant Cugat.

Altimira: Completion of Calafell Bammp architects and initiation Sitges Pascual & Ausio arch. 

Suelo Level SL: Badalona Adema Canela Comella.

La Llave de Oro: Nápoles street and Travesera and S Pere Abanto street in Barcelona,  Vullpalleras R7 Sant Cugat and Solera Teia.

OUA architects (Private Promoters). C/ Letamendi, Via Laietana i Palamós