Installation engineering requires coordination and thoroughness. Learn about the ISO 9001 quality management methodology at JSS Efficient Engineering

At JSS Efficient Engineering we take care of the design and the management of engineering projects in the field of construction, industry, restoration and urban development. These types of work are characterised by the importance of teamwork, protocol implementation and methodology, which means a high level of team coordination, cost control and professional thoroughness. At JSS we apply our own methodology in order to guarantee the quality of any construction, remodelling or expansion work in this area.

In all our interventions in the field of installation engineering, we apply the most innovative technologies, such as for example: BIM modelling. In addition, we always devote special attention to environmental issues, integrating the criteria of rationalising energy efficiency and being respectful with the environment. In this regard, it is important to stress that we apply new materials and installations that bring savings in order to ensure more sustainable buildings.

The implementation of ISO 9001 has meant defining a policy of quality and continuity in carrying it out. This quality policy is based on working systematically with the aim of ensuring that our proposals are innovative and thorough, in order to achieve ever better quality and efficiency. We seek continuous improvement in the service to our clients, whether they be end users or the components of multidisciplinary teams, and we are committed to complying with quality requirements. We base our approach on 5 main aspects:

  1. Technical thoroughness. Achieve the highest level of quality for projects, based on compliance with the regulations in force, rational integration into the overall project and continuous training of the work team, while at the same time adopting the innovations in the market and the measures for reducing the environmental impact.
  1. Customer satisfaction. We consider it a priority to seek the satisfaction of our clients in the service received, taking into account the specificities of each one of them, and based on the excellence of the work carried out, strict compliance with deadlines and speediness in the procedures.
  1. Versatility. One of the challenges that we are responding to is increasing the capacity of the team to adapt to the new needs of society, expanding the areas of work in restoration, in energy efficiency, by applying its know-how innovatively in new areas of the market and considering new forms of joint management with members of the same group, such as the ACI or national or international work teams.
  1. Work team and conciliation. The goal is to have a team of people who are motivated, while at the same time being involved in these common goals of improving the quality. This involves promoting good communication between employees and the other agents involved, thereby ensuring continuous improvement together with family conciliation.
  1. Aims. We are committed to working to achieve the priorities and guidelines established by the integrated management system, striving to ensure that good organisation allows sufficient profitability for continuity and expansion, as well as retaining, talent and keeping the clients satisfied. Our aim is to offer solutions that generate value.

We also have Accreditations such as the SGE 900 in the expert management of companies, auditors and energy managers certified by AENOR, and KNX partners in the continuous training of cross-disciplinary teams.