JSS is participating together with the catalan heritage agency of the Generalitat in the implementation of energy management systems based onbased on standard 50.001 and the Marie Protocol

The initiatives to improve the energy management of the Generalitat’s cultural facilities, promoted by the Department of Culture’s Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency, have been selected as a Tractor Project of the Catalan Strategy for Energy Renovation of Buildings (Estratègia Catalana per a la Renovació Energètica d’Edificis-ECREE).

This initiative, which the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia approved on February 25th 2014, brings together the results of previous initiatives developed by the European MARIE project (Mediterranean Building Rethinking for Energy Improvement).

Tractor projects are those projects for the energy renovation of buildings, promoted by entities that are members of the ECREE or with its support, and that meet a series of criteria that ensure that they achieve a character of innovation, advertising, savings and investment that makes them flagship and benchmark projects for the ECREE.

These tractor projects aim to achieve significant energy savings by using innovative solutions with renewable materials and energy sources.

The energy efficiency plan for the Generalitat’s heritage equipment was put into operation at the end of 2014 in order to implement energy efficiency in the management of cultural heritage and raise the awareness of all the employees involved and the users of the equipment about energy saving with respect to their environmental and economic benefits.

To date they have carried out the first two phases of the plan, consisting of the creation of a publicly-privately promoted committee, the optimisation of the contracting of energy powers, the training of internal maintenance staff as energy managers, the implementation of a monitoring system that collects and analyses the data, as well as the drafting of an efficiency protocol that takes into account the improvement initiatives to be developed in the third phase.

The results of these actions are an energy power saving of 3.74% and a saving of 1.40% in annual turnover. The forecast for savings envisaged in the protocol, developed by those participating in the postgraduate course in Energy Management of Buildings at the Escola Sert is about 16.84% of the annual consumption. The communication protocol for the improvement initiatives will begin in the coming months, and is aimed at ensuring that employees adopt the corresponding measures for optimising the use of energies and responsible consumption habits.